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Prosthetics for the leg can be divided into two main categories, namely ‘BK’ (Below the Knee – Transtibial) or ‘AK’ (Above the Knee – Transfemoral). Other less common conditions include ‘hip disarticulations’ which involves an amputation of part of the hip, ‘knee disarticulations’ which are amputations through the knee, and ‘symes’ which are ankle disarticulations that preserve all or part of the heel. Synergy O&P is a provider of world-leading prosthetic technologies and supporting services designed to ensure the best possible outcomes for people with any lower extremity deficiency. Reasons for this ProcedureA (BK) Below Knee Amputation is usually done for one of the following reasons: Poor blood flow that has resulted in tissue loss and damage (e.g., Diabetes).Severe infection (e.g., Gangrene).Trauma from injury or accident.Tumor, cancer or other infectious disease.Congenital disorder (e.g., A limb that has not formed properly). Amputation is always a last resort and will only be recommended if your surgeon deems it absolutely necessary. Except for cases involving trauma or accident, you will have an opportunity to discuss options.Possible Questions To Ask Your Prosthetist: What is it like to actually lose a limb?How may above knee amputation patients do you have?What will my stump or limb look like?When will I receive my prosthetic device?What limitation should I expect as an amputee?Can I pursue my old activities and interests? At the Synergy O&P, we will help match you with an amputee peer that your comfortable with. Our patients range in age from young to old and many are trained as Peer Mentors to help you get comfortable with your prosthesis and new way of life.  Whether you have lost both of your legs or one arm, we have an amputee peer mentor that can relate to you and discuss what it’s like to experience a below knee amputation, from first-hand knowledge. The sooner you talk to another amputee, the sooner you’ll start to understand that you can still achieve all your hopes and dreams.

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