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While the recent explosion of prosthetic technology has enabled us to achieve what our predecessors could have only dreamed of, we cannot forget the fundamentals upon which this technology is built. It is the  patient relationship which allows us to best fit these new products to meet our patients’ needs and goals.  Furthermore, after years of experience in the prosthetic and orthotic field, we have chosen to specialize in lower limb prosthetics to allow us the opportunity to provide top of the line lower limb care.With each passing year, there are more options for the lower limb amputee in socket styles and products for their prosthesis. Our team has chosen to become specialists in this growing field of lower limb prosthetics in order to obtain the best options for our patients. Through our experience in the field of lower extremity prosthetics, we are knowledgeable in the options available and the advantages for each individual patient. We have successfully introduced our patients to an array of advancements in prosthetic technology such as Vacuum Assisted Socket Suspension, State-of-the-Art Energy Storing Feet, and Computer Processor Knees.

We specialize in…     Pre-operative Consultation, Post-Operative Consultation    Lower Limb Prostheses        Below The Knee (BK)        Above The Knee (AK)        Knee Disarticulation (KD)        Symes        Partial Foot        Hip Disarticulation        Bi-Laterals        Proximal Femoral Focal Deficiency    Pediatric Prostheses    Sports and Specialty ProsthesesWe offer…     Veteran Services to active & retired military personnel    Peer Mediation for patients    Same Day Patient Consultations    Hospital/Home/Nursing Facility visits    Leadership & Learning prosthetic lectures



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